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Good news from down under: you’re allowed to eat more than six hot chips at once


Good news from down under: you’re allowed to eat more than six hot chips at once

Good news for chip lovers: You can have way more than the six French fries one expert suggests…

Last year, Harvard University nutrition professor Eric Rimm told the New York Times he’d like to see meals served with about six French fries instead of the typically generous pile — and copped a lot of flack from chip lovers.

He called potatoes “starch bombs” and ranked them at the bottom of the vegetable health rankings, particularly if they’re peeled, deep-fried and doused in salt.

That was devastating news for fries-fiends who love nothing more than a generous side of salty potato sticks… but now Coach comes to you with some good news.

It turns out the Australian Dietary Guidelines are a bit more generous.

Accredited practising dietitian Melanie McGrice tells Coach a serve of starchy vegetables should measure 500kJ, which she says is about 17 French fries (and a quantity that looks much more abundant beside a burger).

“If you are talking about chunkier hot chips though, you’d be looking at about six,” she points out.

Whether you know them as chips or fries, they’re many people’s preferred treat food. If you’re one of them, McGrice suggests having them infrequently but really savouring them when you do.

“People get addicted to them because of the great mouthfeel from the fat and the carbs that give you a quick energy boost,” she says.

“It’s really easy to eat quadruple that recommendation, so eat them really slowly because that many chips are going to go quite quickly.”


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