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Full Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

  Full automatic potato chips production line is used to make packaged and ready-to-eat potato chips from raw potatoes. Potato Chips Making Line typically consists of several ...
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Full automatic potato chips production line is used to make packaged and ready-to-eat potato chips from raw potatoes. Potato Chips Making Line typically consists of several stages, including sorting, washing, peeling, slicing, frying, seasoning, and packaging.

  1. Potato Washing Cleaning and Peeling Machine: The raw potatoes are cleaned and peeled to remove any impurities and unwanted parts.
  2. Potato Chips Slicing Cutting Machine: The potatoes are then sliced into thin, even slices using specialized slicers.
  3. Potato Chips Blanching Machine: The potato slices are briefly boiled in hot water to soften them and remove excess starch.
  4. Potato Chips Dewatering Machine: The slices are then dried to remove the moisture content.
  5. Potato Chips Frying Machine: The blanched potato slices are fried in oil at high temperatures to achieve the desired crispy texture and golden color. The frying process can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes depending on the equipment and the desired level of crispiness. The potato chips are crispy and golden.
  6. Potato Chips Deoiling Machine
  7. Potato Chips Seasoning Flavoring Machine: The fried chips are then seasoned with various flavors, such as salt, vinegar, cheese, or barbecue.
  8. Potato Chips Packaging Machine: The final step in the production line is packaging the potato chips into bags or other containers, which are then ready for distribution and sale.

Potato chips is the most world popular food all over the world. As a world food, potatoes are second in human consumption only to rice. There are various versions about who and how producing potato chips. The most popular one is that George Crum produced potato chips which called Saratoga Chips then in 1853. While the story of how potato chips are made is somehow interesting because it’s not the fruit of hard work but of a fit of pique. It’s generally seen that french fry was invented by either the Belgians or the French. The origin of who invented french fries is not known. What can be sure is that American former president Tomas Jefferson referred to fried potato strips as “potatoes, served in the French manner” at a White House dinner in 1802. No matters who invented the popular potato snacks, potato chips and french fries are rank the same first place in people’s life and diet.



Automatic Potato Chips Process flowchart 



Potato Chips Production Line Equipment Introduction

1. Potato Washing Peeling Machine


Screw Feeding Type Potato Washing Peeling Machine is used washing and peeling the potato. It adopts screw feeding design which makes potato automatically move forwarder in the peeling machine. This screw type potato washing peeling machine also be used to peel other root vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, radish, taro, kiwi fruit, root-stock materials, Areca Seed, Betel nuts etc. Machine design is reasonable and easy to keep clean.


2. Potato Chips Cutting Machine


Automatic Potato Chips Cutting Machine is used to cut potatoes into slice automatically. It has a large capacity and the cutting thickness is very thin. This high-speed potato chips cutting machine can cut potato chips with large capacity 2ton per hour and thickness only 1mm.


3. Potato Chip Water Washing Machine


Air Bubble Type Potato Washing Machine washes dirt attached on the surface of potato chips by air bubble washing, it can remove the potato starch. This Potato Chips Water Washing Machine is with a water recycling system and can remove the small drags.  which can be used for many Vegetable & Fruit washing.  It imitates human washing motion and avoids collision or friction damages caused by human washing. It is suitable for washing fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables, fungus, marine products, etc.

4. Potato Chips Blanching Machine


Full Automatic Hot Water Blanching Machine is widely used for blanching and sterilizing vegetables, fruits, seafood products before quick freezing and dehydrating, especially suitable for easily damageable or color protection requirement products and products in strips or bar-shaped. It is necessary equipment during food processing industry.

We provide different heating source blanching machine, like electric heating hot water blanching machine, natural gas-fired hot water blanching and diesel oil fired hot water blanching machine and coal-fired hot water blanching machine.

5. Potato Chips Vibrate Oil Removing Machine


Automatic Potato Chips Vibrate Water Removing Machine can be used to remove water or oil on the frying potato chips or french fries surface and the vibrate strength is adjustable. It can also be used for water removal on the vegetable or fruit surface. Vibrate Oil Removing Machine is an ideal machine to a vegetable processing line to realize full automatic working flow. 

6. Potato Chips Frying Machine

Electric-Heating-Frozen-French-Fries-Machine-with-Oil-Filter-Tank-Manufacture-and-Supplier Romiter

Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine is used to fry the potato chips. It adopts a special design which makes the potato chips float on the oil after frying, which can avoid over frying,.  Adopting oil-water separator technology, the scraps that produced can fall into water automatically while frying, so it will not waste oil. This kind of fryer can save much more oil by 50%–60% than a normal fryer.  It is suitable for all kinds of fried foods and the oil temperature can be adjusted from 0–300 °C ( 572 degrees F ).  While frying, it will not appear a carbonization phenomenon.  The oil can be recycling reused and No need to change oil every day.


7. Potato Chips De-oil Machine


Automatic Potato Chips Vibrate Water Removing Machine can be used to remove water or oil on the frying potato chips or french fries surface and the vibrate strength is adjustable. It can also be used for water removal on the vegetable or fruit surface. Vibrate Oil Removing Machine is an ideal machine to a vegetable processing line to realize full automatic working flow. 

8. Potato Chips Air Cooling Machine


Automatic Potato Chips Air Cooling Machine is used to cool the frying potato chips or banana chips. During the air blow, some oil will also be removed from the banana chips surface.  After Potato Chips Air Cooling Machine, we can get ready packing plantain chips. This Potato Chips Air Cooling Machine adopt blast fan which has large air flow and decreases the potato chips temperature.  This Air Cooling Machine can avoid potato chips fly during air blow.

9. Potato Chips Seasoning Machine


Full Automatic Rotary Drum French Fries Flavor Seasoning Machine is used to add flavor to french fries, potato chips, banana chips, frying onion crisps and other snacks.  This Flavoring Seasoning Machine has the feature of low crushing ratio, low noise and high capacity. It is easy to operate and maintain. This Continuous Rotary Drum Type French Fries Flavoring Machine has been widely used in full automatic french fries production and potato chips production line.


10. Potato Chips Packing Plant


Full Automatic French Fries and Potato Chips Packing Plant is suitable for automatic packaging particle materials like potato chips, french fries,  garlic clove, shrimp, sweets, garlic, chocolate, biscuits, peanuts, nuts, rice, grain, seeds, pistachio, coffee beans, lima beans, tea, jelly, frozen food, chicken essence, sugar and salt . We provide different designs according to customer requirements. This full-automatic weighting packing plant includes a vibrating feeding device, Z shape elevator, multi-head weigher, support platform, automatic bag forming packing machine and take away conveyor.

FAQ for Potato Chips Production Line

What are the main equipment of a potato chips production line?

The main components of a potato chips production line typically include a washing machine, a peeling machine, a slicing machine, a blanching machine, a frying machine, a de-oiling machine, a seasoning machine, and a packaging machine. Additional components may include conveyors, inspection tables, and other auxiliary equipment.

How to manufacture high quality potato chips?

The key factors that can affect the quality of potato chips produced by a production line include the quality of the raw potatoes, the consistency and uniformity of slicing, the temperature and duration of blanching and frying, the seasoning and flavoring ingredients used, and the packaging and storage conditions. using high-quality oil with a high smoke point, maintaining the oil temperature and level consistently, using oil filtration and recycling systems to minimize waste and maintain oil quality, and implementing quality control measures to ensure consistent product quality. High quality frying machine which can keep temperature stable and accurate.

How to keep high quality of the frying oil in potato chips line?

The quality of the frying oil can be maintained by regularly monitoring and filtering the oil to remove any impurities or contaminants, controlling the temperature and duration of frying, and using antioxidants or stabilizers to extend the shelf life of the oil.

How to purchase potato chips production line?

Confirm the capacity or budget for the potato chips production line need. Select good potato chips machine manufacturer to provide the machine. Romiter Machinery have 20 year experience for potato processing line, we can help to solve all problem for the potato chips line, which make sure you can start the potato chips business with the most advanced tech machine.

Working Video of Potato Chips Production Line

We provide customized design potato chips production line according to the customer’s requirement.

Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of potato processing machines. Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation for high-quality machines with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance, long lifespan and an excellent technical support team.

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Romiter potato processing machine has passed with CE, ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world.


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