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Full Automatic Hot Water Blanching Machine for Sale

Full Automatic Hot Water Blanching Machine is widely used for blanching and sterilizing vegetables, fruits, seafood products before quick freezing and dehydrating, especially suit ...
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Full Automatic Hot Water Blanching Machine is widely used for blanching and sterilizing vegetables, fruits, seafood products before quick freezing and dehydrating, especially suitable for easily damageable or color protection requirement product and products in strips or bar-shaped. It is necessary equipment during food processing industry.

We provide different heating source blanching machine, like electric heating hot water blanching machine, natural gas-fired hot water blanching and diesel oil fired hot water blanching machine and coal-fired hot water blanching machine.

Automatic-Electric-Heating-Vegeatble-Blanching-Machine Electric-Heating-Blanching-Machine

Feature of Automatic Hot Water Blanching Machine

  1. This blanching machine is with characteristics of fast blancher, inhibition of enzyme and color-protecting, timely dehydration and cooling, so as to keep the original nature colors of vegetables and fruits.
  2. This blanching machine will blanch the food materials, at the same time, the materials will also be cleaned by turning water.
  3. The blanching temperature is controlled by a solenoid valve, thermoelement, and temperature-controlled meter; the blanching time will be controlled by frequency converter, the conveying belt speed can be adjusted. The temperature controller will make the water temperature in the water channel to keep the required temperature, the maximum temperature can be 100℃.

Specification of Full Automatic Hot Water Blanching Machine

Model Type Power Weight Size
RM-BL2500L Belt conveying  30kw/380v 350kg 2500*1100*1300mm
RM-BL3000L Belt conveying 30kw/380v 400kg 3000*1100*1400mm
RM-BL4000L Belt conveying 40.5kw/380v 500kg 4000*1000*1400mm
RM-BL5000L Belt conveying 78.75kw/380v 600kg 5000*1000*1400mm
RM-BL6000L Belt conveying 98.25kw/380v 700kg 6000*1000*1400mm

Working Video of Potato Blanching Machine

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of potato processing machines. Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation high quality machine with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance, long lifespan and with an excellent technical support team.

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Romiter potato processing machine has passed with CE, ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world.


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