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Potato Recipes: 6 Potato-Based Starters For Your Next House Party

Potato Recipes 6 Potato-Based Starters For Your Next House Party

It could be a nice idea for you to include something potato-based in your house party menu. You can make a range of potato-based starters and they can take the party by storm. Here are a few ideas.

Did you know potatoes were not even a part of Indian cooking until the 16th century? They were introduced to us by the Portuguese and there has been no looking back ever since for us. We cannot imagine a single meal without potato and why not? Have you seen a vegetable as incredibly versatile, easy-to-cook and so amazing? There are very few people who can say no to potatoes, which is why it could be a nice idea for you to include something potato-based in your house party menu. You can make a range of potato-based starters and all of them can take the party by storm. Here are few ideas:

1. Honey Chilli PotatoesYou saw this coming, didn’t you? This Indo-Chinese appetiser is one of your most favourite things to order in but not anymore. Here’s a recipe with the help of which you can recreate the restaurant-style magic at home. Saucy and lip-smacking, this snack is show-stealer.(Also Read: Watch: Try This Flavourful Chilli Chicken At Home And Serve As A Quick Appetiser)

2. French FriesCrispy and crowd-favourite, French fries are a must-have at any house party. Why order it from a restaurant when you can make it at home! With this delicious recipe, you can make the treat at home and take your guests by surprise.

3. Jodhpuri Chilly PoppersThis fiery hot snack is stuffed with a wholesome mixture of potatoes, chillies and goat cheese. Those fond of all things cheesy and chilly, this is the snack made for you!

4. Grilled Potato KababsThought kababs are always supposed to be a meaty affair? Think again. Spicy and sizzling, these grilled potatoes are paired best with mint chutney or barbeque sauce. There, we saw you slurping.

5. Aloo, Palak Ki GujiyaSavoury gujia, anyone? You can call them dumplings too if you want. Stuffed with the goodness of potato, spinach and cottage cheese, this snack could prove to be a sensational desi addition to your party.6. Sweet Potato PuffsSweet potato is a sweeter cousin of potato. Also known as shakarkandi, sweet potato is filled with good carbs, as opposed to potatoes that are filled with simple carbs. Flaky from the outside and loaded inside, these puffs can be served with any sweet, tangy, chilly accompaniment of your choice.

There’s so much that you can do with potatoes. Tell us the most interesting snack you made with your batch of potatoes, send over the recipe and we’d love to feature it on our site.

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