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Don’t Throw Away Potato Peels, Make Crispy Chips With Them In Just 20 Minute

Potatoes are one such ingredient that we use in our everyday cooking, but we usually throw away its skin. With this recipe of potato skin chips, make use of the leftovers and enjoy some spicy chips.

Don't Throw Away Potato Peels, Make Crispy Chips With Them In Just 20 Minute


Indian households hardly ever run out of snacks

But the same taste can get boring everyday

So try these yummy potato skin chips

Indian households hardly ever run out of snacks; we keep dabbas full of namkeens, biscuits, bhujia, chips, and so many other things that we can just grab and munch on anytime. But after a point, all these things and the repetitive flavours get boring for our taste buds. After all, how much namkeen can you actually snack on? So, if you are also bored of your routine snacking options and looking for a new taste, today, we bring you a recipe of leftover potato peel chips that you have never had before!

Health Benefits Of Potato Peel:Did you know that potato peel has many benefits to it?! Potato skin is known to be rich in nutrients like vitamins C, B iron, calcium, potassium and many others. At the same time, it can help you to manage blood pressure, improve your skin, hair, and bones.
With so many benefits, let us see how we can use those peels and turn them into crispy chips!

Here Is The Recipe Of Potato Skin Chips | Potato Skin Chips RecipeFirst, collect and clean the potato skin, then drizzle them with some olive oil and bake in the oven till they turn crispy and golden brown. Add some salt, red chilli powder, pepper, oregano, peri-peri seasoning, and combine to make the spice mix in a separate bowl. Once done, toss your baked potato skins and enjoy.


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