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What are Difference of Potato Chips and Corn Chips

Many People like to eat potato chips as snack.  Many famous potato chips brand on the market, like lays. We also know corn chips which is also popuplar for some person.  Which one is better for health.  Here we make some research about that.

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder whether potato chips or corn chips are healthier. Both are high-calorie fat-soaked snacks. So, both of them should not be frequently consumed. Still, let’s see the comparisons between potato chips vs corn chips so that you can choose the less evil one of the two!


In this article, you can learn more about:
– The nutritional values of potato chips and corn chips
– The good health benefits of potato chips and corn chips
– The health risks of potato chips vs corn chips
– Which snack that is generally better than the other


Potato chips are made from potatoes. Corn chips are made from either white or yellow corns. If we only compare their base ingredients, we can say that they are both healthy snacks. However, you should also consider the cooking method – frying. Both potato chips and corn chips are made by deep frying. The fat in the oil greatly increases the calories contained in each serving, without increasing any other nutritional value.


As an effect, potato chips and corn chips are both fairly unhealthy. The high-calorie intake can easily lead to obesity. In addition, the fat content may contain harmful saturated fat, which increases the risks of various cardiovascular diseases. So, you should not consume potato chips or corn chips frequently; occasional consumption is fine.


Now, let’s compare the calories of potato chips and corn chips. A serving (100 grams) of potato chips contains approximately 542 calories. This is a very high number. Additional ingredients or seasonings can increase the number even further. For example, a serving of Sour Cream &Onion Potato Chips can easily contain 670 calories.

On the other hand, corn chips have relatively lower calories compared to potato chips. According to LiveStrong, a serving (100 grams) of corn chips has about 489 calories. Keep in mind that additional ingredients or seasonings can also increase the calories.


Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat

A serving of potato chips contains about 50.81 grams of carbohydrates. Included in this amount are 4.4 grams of dietary fiber and 0.37 grams of sugars. Meanwhile, the fat content is about 36.4 grams and the protein content is about 6.56 grams. The low fiber, high fat, and low protein make potato chips less healthy than corn chips.

On the other hand, a serving of corn chips has about 65.56 grams of carbohydrates with 5.3 grams of dietary fiber and 1 gram of sugars. In addition, there are 23.36 grams fat and 7.79 grams of protein. The relatively low fat and high protein make corn chips healthier than potato chips.

Vitamins and Minerals

Any salted chip can have a significant amount of sodium. Both potato chips and corn chips are rich in magnesium, fluoride, and phosphorus while having traces of vitamin C, vitamin K, choline, and the B vitamins. Potato chips are richer in potassium. On the other hand, corn chips are richer in calcium.

Potato Chips vs Corn Chips

Potato Chips Corn Chips
– Higher calories – Relatively lower calories
– Lower fiber – Higher fiber
– Considerably higher fat, lower protein – Lower fat, higher protein
– Higher potassium – Higher calcium


In general, corn chips are better than potato chips. Corn chips have relatively lower calories, lower fat, higher fiber, and higher protein. Corn chips are also richer in calcium. However, just like potato chips, corn chips should be consumed in moderation, as the calorie count is high.

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