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Introduction of French Fries Market in Nigeria


French fries are one famous snack enjoyed by many people in many countries. The same is true with Nigeria. French fries are deep-fried slices of potatoes which are served hot and often consumed as accompaniment to lunch or dinner, or eaten as snack. Fries are common in fast food restaurant and often served with ketchup.


Potato Yield in Nigeria

Right now, potatoes have become one integral part of people’s cuisine. They are also the world’s fourth largest food crop, which following rice, wheat and maize. Nigeria, which is Africa’s most populous country, enjoys a pride place as to potato. Being the fourth biggest producer of potato in sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria has almost the same land quantity as Germany which is used to plant potato. According to a 2009 World Bank report on potatoes farming in Africa, Nigeria potato planting area are 270,000 hectares, potato yield amounts to 843,000 tonnes with 3.1 tones yield per hectare.

Potato Planting in Nigeria

Potato belongs to tuber crops and there are two main types– Irish potatoes which are planted through tubers and sweet potato which is planted through vines. In the late 19th century, Irish potato was first brought in Nigeria.
Potato output in Nigeria are mainly comes from Jos Plateau State and some of the LGAs in which potatoes are planted in large commercial quantities are Bokkos, Mangu and B/Ladi, average output of which are about 2800kg, 2950kg, 2886kg respectively. Plateau State can be referred as the home of Irish potatoes for the chilled and favorable weather condition that are ideal for the cultivation of potatoes. Its altitude ranges from 1200-1400m above sea level, summer temperature often lower than 35 degrees, which are ideal for potato production.

Potato Usage

In Nigeria, potato can have a lot of uses. Apart from using as vegetable for cooking at home, it can also be used for industrial processing. As to the potato worldwide, approximately 50% of potatoes are consumed fresh and the rest are produced into potato food products, food ingredients, starch, or as seed tubers for next season planting. Nowadays, the main consumption of potato is french fries consumed in fast food restaurant.

French Fries Market in Nigeria

Fast food sector in Nigeria contributes an annual revenue of N200 billion into the economy growth. Potato processed products such as french fries and wedges, have approximately 8% share in fast food industry, among which french fries are the highest saleable potato products.

Frozen french fries market in Nigeria is national. Population of Nigeria is over 165 million, the predicted national population growth rate are 5.7% per annum, the market for frozen fries are large.

Local market size for frozen french fries is predicted at about 40 tons every normal weekdays. However during holidays, vacations, weekends and summer season, this number will doubles.

Where to Enjoy French Fries

Along with globalization, eating habits of Nigeria are changing to west style. So the consumption of western style fast food is rising. Fast food potential market size is increasing at an exponential growth rate. The entry of world famous fast food chains such as KFC is an evidence. Apart from fast food chains, there are large numbers of local restaurants, hotels where people can enjoy french fries. Being highly favored by clients, french fries are essential element in restaurant menus. Frozen french fries consuming quantity ranging from 50kg to 1,000kg per day in restaurants.

Main Consumers to Enjoy French Fries

Main consumers for french fries are children, teenagers and young people. The most popular destination for enjoying french fries is home instead of school. 70% of children eating fries at home, while only 48% of children eating it at school. After school, 70% of children choose crisps and savory snacks compared to lunchboxes.

Increasing Demands for Frozen French Fries


Demand for fast food products are increasing over the years, which can be shown by the growth and remarkable performance of fast food restaurants in local market. Besides, more and more women are going out for work nowadays, which also leading to the increasing demands for the easy to prepare foods.

French Fries in World Market

It is well known that french fries are very popular all over the world and be loved by many people. Potato crisp is the most popular snacks in many developed countries for many years. Taking American for example, Americans eat more than 16 pounds of French fries every year. World market for french fries are large and it can be produced in Nigeria. French fries are produced by fries production line and come out with variety of flavors, enjoyed with various dipping sauces.

How to Produce French Fries

As to how to produce french fries, our french fries production line can be adopted. Which can save energy and cost, customizing are also available. Three models of french fries production line for customers to choose, 80kg/h, 300kg/h and 800 kg/h.

Production Flow of French Fries Production Line


Potato Washing and Peeling Machine→Potato Cutting Machine→Fries Blanching Machine→Fries De-watering Machine→Fries Frying Machine→Fries De-oiling Machine→Fries Flavoring Machine→Fries Packing Machine

Main Functions of Each Machine

  1. Potato washing and peeling machine: as to peeling and washing machine, two models are available: emery type and brush type potato washing and peeling machine, both of these machines can finish washing and peeling completely and efficiently.
  2. Potato cutting machine: this machine can cut potatoes into different shape.
  3. French fries blanching machine: blanch fries into bright color and keep its fresh flavor, increase softness.
  4. Fries de-watering machine: it adopts centrifugal principle design to remove the surface water of the fries after blanching.
  5. Fries frying machine: fry french fries. It adopts water and oil mixing technology to fry fries, which can also save 50% of oil and 40% of energy.
  6. Fries de-oiling machine: remove extra oil contained in fries. It can make fries crisper and easy to store and pack.
  7. Fries flavoring machine: flavor the fries. After flavoring, fries can have different tastes.
  8. Fries packing machine: pack fries. Fries can be easy to store and transport after packing, besides it can also make
  9. fries reserve for a long time.

It is really a good idea to start fries production business in Nigeria considering following favourable factors, available raw material together with increasing largely home and abroad market, and high quality french fires production line.

Company Profile

Adhering to the principle of managing scientifically and honesty and credit,our factory has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. Now, Our factory can provide potato dry cleaning machine, automatic potato washing peeling machine, potato peeling machine, french fries sticks cutting machine, potato grader, potato cleaning and sorting machine,  potato chips production line, french fries production line, frozen french fries production line, wave shape french fries production line, potato starch production line, potato mesh bag packing machine, potato dosing packing machine.

Our potato processing products have passed with CE,ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world


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