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Brief overview of the health benefits of potatoes

Brief overview of the health benefits of potatoes

A potato is one vegetable which is available in abundance throughout the year in many countries around the world. It is usually cheap. Potatoes are not only tasty and enjoyed best as a fry, but it has several health benefits as well.

In this article published by Republic World, writer Shrishaila Bhandary provide a brief list of the known and proven health benefits of potatoes. Bandary list the following benefits:

Maintain our bones

Potatoes are rich in phosphorous, calcium and iron-zinc properties. According to health journals, these elements are important for maintaining healthy bone growth and also the structure of the bones. Potatoes are rich in magnesium as well.

Curb cancer

According to scientific journals, folate participates in DNA construction and repair as they are rich in folate. According to reports, folates helps to curb generation of cancerous cells in the body. Vitamin C and fibre input can help in reducing the risk of colorectal cancer.


To develop and maintain cell membranes and increase nerve impulses, choline in potatoes can help. According to reports from Health Line, potatoes can help in muscle movement and learning. One potato can be enough choline for one day.

Maintains blood pressure

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, potatoes contain enough potassium for a day. One can opt for a low sodium intake and maintain good blood pressure, which in turn helps in the widening of vessels. Potatoes are a good source of potassium and decrease levels of blood pressure gradually.

Strengthens immunity

According to health reports, potatoes can be a good source of Vitamin C which helps in maintaining immunity. A good way to maintain immunity is to have a regular amount of potatoes on a regular basis. Potatoes are also good for digestion and heart health.


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