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Introduction of French Fries Company in America


French fries are fried from potatoes or sweet potatoes cut into thick or curly strips, which can be cooked with skins or without skins, served in paper cones or in parchment pan, may be eaten with malt vinegar. They contain much protein, potassium and vitamin, which are helpful for our body growth. Then do you know the best french fries in America ? Here comes the presentation.

1. Boise Fry Company(Boise, Idaho).

This company uses organic and locally sourced ingredients. They have six varieties of potato including purple, yam, and sweet, and five varieties of shapes, plus many sauces and seasonings. The potatoes are put though 30 minutes preparing process and then fried in peanut oil without preservatives or trans fats.

2. Duckfat Restaurant(Portland, Maine).

This is a sandwich shop that serves Belgian-style french fries in paper cones with a handful of specially made dips. They use locally sourced potatoes and adopt duck fat to fry potatoes twice into crispy exteriors, soft and fluffy interiors of french fries.

3. Amsterdam Bar & Hall(St. Paul, Minn).

The french fries in this place are served beneath a layer of chopped onions to dip ketchup, or signature sauces like curry mayo or honey sambal for an atypical mouthful experience.

4. Bourbon Steak(Miami).

The main features of this hotel is supplying a varied American dishes, which are cooked with organic and locally sourced ingredients. The crispy duck fat fries are fried by the mid-thick cut potatoes, seasoned with three different flavors and served with three signature sauces.

5. Fresh Fries Truck (Los Angeles).

In this place there are some odd flavors of french fries, such as fancy fries, the top of which can be green chili guacamole or hoisin sauce and crunchy noodles, and the “Sweet Tooth” features sweet potatoes fries topped with sweet cream sauce, while the goat cheese fries are coupled with a raspberry sauce.

6. The Breslin Bar & Dining Room(New York City).

This place goes beyond others to assure the crunchiness of its potatoes: the cutting potatoes are cooked in thrice times. Idaho russet potatoes are cut into medium-thick slices, first boiled, and then fried twice in a sunflower and canola oil blend before receiving a dash of salt.

7. Jonesy’s EatBar (Denver).

Its french fries are thick-cut using flavorful specialty toppings-buffalo wings and nachos, which have been recognized by many local media outlets. Thai Ginger fries is its more specialty flavor, which is doused with ginger, lemongrass, scallions and Thai chili sauce.

Other places you can go, such as Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen (San Francisco), Pommes Frites(New York City) and Coreanos(Houston). These places are popular in the America for the delicious french fries.

If you are searching places in America for the beloved french fries, the above mentioned places are essential to taste. And if you want to make the business of french fries, we supply the cost effective french fries production line with high quality.

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