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How to Start Potato Chips Making Business

Potato chips are the most consumed snack item in the world. Every age group loves to eat crunchy potato chips. Potato chips are available in many different flavors like salty, tangy, chili, garlic, onion, butter and many more. There are many big and small companies that are making potato chips and making profits. Potato chips is very popular all around the world. Do you want to start one potato chips making business? This article will guide you on how to start a successful potato chips business with low to medium investment.


This article will guide you step by step on how to start a potato chip-making business project. After reading this article you will learn about the types of machinery, the process of chips making and how and where you can sell them.

1) Analyzing the Market Potential

It is very important to analyze the market potential of any business before starting it. The demand for potato chips is very high in Asian countries. The flavors of these chips are so yummy that hardly anyone can resist them. The demand for potato chips is increasing rapidly. If you are thinking to start a potato chips business then this is the right time to start the business.

2) Investment and Planning Project

Potato chips are a small to medium range of the business model. You can start the potato chips business at home with minimum investment. Firstly, it’s very important to have a plan beforehand. A well-written plan can help you boost your business in a different way. You should think about the investment arrangements. Also, I advise you to create a plan for marketing strategy.

3) Potato Chips Machinery

Starting chips making business requires several types of machinery to work efficiently. Also, you will need about 300-400 square fit room to establish your machinery. The cost of machinery depends on the demand for the project so choose machines wisely. The lists of pieces of machinery are:

  • Potato Washing Peeling Machine
  • Potato Chips Cutting Machine
  • Potato Chips Frying Machine
  • Potato Chips Flavoring Machine
  • Potato Chips Packing Machine

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4) The Process of Potato Chips Making

The making process of potato chips has to go with the six simple steps. The following steps are:-

Firstly, you have to put all potatoes into the peeling machine. The peeling machine keeps rotating and with the help of water, it will peel all potatoes evenly.
In the second step, all peeled potatoes go into the automated slicing machine which will slice all potatoes as per requirement. You can adjust the thickness of the slicer.
The third step is to dry all the sliced potatoes and make them ready for deep frying. The automatic drying machine will dry all sliced potatoes.

After all the potatoes are dried up it goes into a large deep frying machine for deep frying. The machine is capable of deep frying all sliced potatoes equally.
All potato chips are ready for the next process which is flavoring. Now a worker will shift all chips into the flavoring machine with other spices. The flavoring machine will coat all chips equally.

The last step is packaging. The automated packaging machine will weight, pack and fill the nitrogen gas in the packet too so it will remain crunchy for a longer time.

5) License Required for Chips Making

GST (goods service tax)
MSME (Udhyog Adhaar)
FSSI Registration
Brand Registration

6) Selling and Marketing of Chips

Marketing is very important in any business. There are many ways to marketing. You can contact the local distributor for selling your chips. You can promote your chips on the internet too. Nowadays promoting things on social media is quite easy and it does not cost you a penny. Also, you can take orders from big companies to make chips for them.

Final Word: – Potato chips industry is really big and if you are thinking to start your business then potato chips making business is the best idea. The demand for potato chips never goes down in any season. The profit margin in potato chips is around 30%-40% depending on the raw materials you are using for it.

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