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Good French Fries Shop in Singapore


If you are in Singapore, and furthermore, you are a fries lover, you probably want to find the best fries in this garden city. Now let’s find these lovely places.

Au Chocolat

Au Chocolat located in Marina Bay Sands. The truffle fries in Au Chocolat comes in a big cone of faux newspaper. Even though it looks playful, it cann’t cover up the facts that it is one of the best fries you can get. The crisp fries are drizzled with premium white truffle oil first, then seasoned with truffle sea salt. The fries taste good on their own, but you can also dip it in mayonnaise and barbecue sauces when eating, which will give you a different flavor.


House is located in Dempsey Hill and is referred as one of the best fries in Singapore. Truffle fries here are thin cut strips of potato being deep fried until golden brown, then topped with salt and white truffle oil. Right now there are some new types at House: truffle taro, spicy curry mustard, carrot fennel and pumpkin hazelnut. Of which spicy curry mustard fries are potato fries seasoned with paprika powder, curry powder and mustard oil, the combination makes it taste delicious.

The Factory

The Factory uses American russet burbank potatoes to make thick-cut and shoestring chips, the reason to use this potato is for its well known high starch content. But for the factory, its the eight artisanal dips on the list that makes it popular. The sauces you can dip with are marmite honey aioli, sweet onion and bak kua, smoked cheddar and crumbled blue cheese, tartare with chopped gherkin, laksa pesto with roasted cashew, curry mustard aioli and vegetarian chilli crab, spicy melted tomato with chinchalok. All the eight sauces deserves taste.

The Queen & Mangosteen

Fries in the Queen & Mangosteen have a variety of textures with varying sizes. They are served hot tasting crispy outside and steamy soft inside. You can enjoy them with delicious chili crab sauces.

Besides what mentioned above, there are some other fries which taste delicious in Singapore, such as fries in Feedlot Steakhouse, Habitat Coffee, PS Cafe, Sands Skypark and so on. Every famous fries have its own specialties. If you want to start fries business and make your own features, you can try our french fries production line.


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Adhering to the principle of managing scientifically and honesty and credit,our factory has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. Now, Our factory can provide potato dry cleaning machine, automatic potato washing peeling machine, potato peeling machine, french fries sticks cutting machine, potato grader, potato cleaning and sorting machine,  potato chips production line, french fries production line, frozen french fries production line, wave shape french fries production line, potato starch production line, potato mesh bag packing machine, potato dosing packing machine.

Our potato processing products have passed with CE,ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world


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